Princess Mononoke


So I watched this movie because I am going on a Hayao Miyazaki streak rn and this was supposed to be one of his better films.

Boy were critics right.

This movie is fucking awesome.

Whenever there is an animated movie like this I first like to refer to the world building and damn this movie has that in full. With such expansive imagination and culture, the universe felt contained but insanely lived in with a lot of history. The violence was also awesomely used. Such dark imagery led to just more emotion and reality in a movie so magical and fantastic.

The characters were so deep and distinctive that you couldn’t help but feel for them and understand their motives. I loved the dark aspect that they all had and the mystery surrounding them. You could see why each character acted the way they did and it was lovely to see all of their actions come together toward the end.  Awesome villain. Such strong and beautiful femal characters that ran the fucking show! I will say though that the monk character just seemed entirely unnecessary because the other villain was awesome and had similar motives herself. Also they kept referencing some King/Emperor but he never showed up and had no real impact to the plot. They also reference another adversary but he never gets any screen time! Kinda annoying but not the worse thing ever. 

I will say that the ending left something to be desired. The climax was meh and kinda disappointing but hey, it was action packed and had emotion. It just tied up in a way I thought left something to be desired. Kinda like spirited away.

This movie relied on its characters and world building and message and they definitely hit. The message of fighting the environment in order to fight for loved ones and the conflict strife of old versus new apply today more than ever.

This movie was the bees knees. We need more kids movies like this.


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