Office Christmas Party Movie Review/Rant


Wow this movie is pure shit. One of the worst movies this year. There is not a real plot. The Christmas Party is not even relevant to the movie. There’s so many dumb plot twists. There are so many references needlessly made in the beginning of the movie that they tried to make meaningful at the end. There are so many fuckig stupid side plots. Why tf is Jimmy Butler in this? Why tf is Olivia Munn an actress? Seriously wtf has she been in that explains to me why she should be an actress? There characters have zero chemistry. At least in other comedies that I like, the characters actually have witty dialogue and fun banter. There is absolutely none of that in this movie. There is no point why this movie should have been made. This was the most frustrating time I had ever had in a theater this year and I was bored out of my fucking mind. Each character is unfunny and their motivations are absolute shit. Also the editing in this movie is so bad that you don’t even know what’s going on sometimes. And not because I’m stupid, but you honestly don’t know where characters are or how they got there. Fuck this shit. Please don’t see this. Go see Moonlight.


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