La La Land Movie Review


This movie is good, but I was honestly disappointed because I thought it was going to be great. To me, its a case of style over substance. It was beautiful and sweet and funny and at times moving, but I wanted so much more.

And to my disappointment almost every review I have seen or read has told me that I am wrong. Oh whale.

To start, it’s beautiful in every sense of the word. The colors, visuals, dancing, singing and directing is gorgeous and full of emotion. The settings alone in this movie was a character of is own, and Chazelle should definitely be nominated if not win best director.

The opening scene alone had me in near tears because of the sheer emotion and message of having a dream and following your passions.

But overall this movie was just meh. It kinda falls off from there.

Gosling and Emma Stone were actually really fucking good in the movie, personally I liked Ryan a little more because his character was just angry determined sometimes, but at the end of the day this was just a cliché love story with all of the similar tropes and pitfalls that one could expect.

Sure the ending was interesting and new i guess but it was just not the cathartic passion that made Whiplash so fucking fantastic. This movie has just lush and moving scenes like when Emma Stone auditions and when both her and Gosling dance in the observatory and next to the skyline of Los Angeles, but still the heart of this movie was so cliche for me.

Furthermore, the characters were just not that likeable. I wanted even more passion from them for whatever reason, because whenever things did not go there way, they just simply quit and gave up. Gosling sold himself out and Stone went home! Plus after that you don’t get to see their growth at all. You see her one audition that goes well but thats it! there struggles end there I guess! I wanna see Gosling just broken and punching things and getting mad at the world! I wanna see Emma have to pick herself up from absolutely nothing instead of just seeing her meet Ryan outside her house with two coffees like its not big deal. DAMN I WANT TO LOVE THIS MOVIE BUT I JUST CAN’T!

I guess going into this movie I wanted it to be about passion and unstoppable desire and drive, but instead we just get two people who convince themselves that they like each other because both have their own passions and feel misunderstood and then they are in love, and then they fight because things don’t go there way, and then they get over it and find love (her in someone else and him with his jazz club)

I guess my expectations were just too damn high and I am not saying at all that I did not live the movie, but I wanted something new that was not just the simple style and look.

I wanted to look at the world differently when I walked out, which to be fair is how I feel about any movie, but instead I just thought that the signing and color and dancing was incredible.

Maybe I need a second viewing.

That one song City of Stars  was pretty emotional.



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