Nocturnal Animals Movie Review/Rant



I really don’t know how to feel about this movie. I just have a lot of questions. There are so many good sequences and rich characters and yet I’m not even sure which ones existed. There are some that are definitely fake like Michael shannons but who was jake gyllenhall in this movie? Was he the guy who dies in the end or the guy who doesn’t show up? Was he both somehow?

Who is the main character? Amy Addams seems to be, but she has seemingly no emotional arc. She simply reads a book and complains about her husband and looks out of her window. Honestly you could’ve taken exact clips from arrival and put it in this movie I wouldn’t even know the difference. That’s how much of a non character she is. What is her arc!? I need this movie analyzed because it is almost impassible to Review.

The intense action and suspense sequences are lost and sometimes underdeveloped or funny even because all of them Are supposedly fiction. The whole armie hammer storyline of him cheating on his wife is never even talked about! What was even up with the opening credits!?

Overall this movie has gotten a lot of good reviews but honestly it’s just a confusing pile of shit with good performances sprinkled on top to mask the smell. The characters that are real are one note and the ones that are fake are actually intriguing. The whole Amy Addams flashback sequences are honestly just cliche romance fights that I’ve seen a million times!

Please someone help me Review this movie. Leave comments below. SOS.


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