Manchester by the Sea Movie Review



This movie is near perfect. These past couple of weeks have produced a lot of great movies that started with the letter M and this one might be the best yet.

To start the characters and performances are what shine in this movie. Casey Affleck should win the Oscar, his performance was perhaps the most subtle and beautiful thing I have seen in a long while. His ability to display so many emotions without displaying any was something I have never seen done so well. Instead of over acting or having intense emotional sequences, the audience sees his pain by his inaction and solemness that is nearly impassible to capture. He doesn’t tell you how you’re supposed to feel, you just know how he feels and that was incredible.

Furthermore the nephew was probably my favorite part of the movie. His acting was so grounded in reality that many times I saw myself in his nuances and stoic behavior. He was a teenager through and through in every quirk and quip. His performance is honestly the best part.

The plot was also very subtle and for me personally very powerful. It was also incredibly funny which added a certain realism to the whole thing.

I felt like this movie could have continued for another hour and because of its rich and real story I was surprised that it ended so abruptly. The stark reality of how sometimes things just don’t work out was apparent and sad but honest. If I had to describe this movie in one word it would be honest. It does not try to be emotional but just is. It does not try to be funny but just is. It does not try to be beautiful but it just is.

I don’t think I have ever seen such a fantastic film that portrays the meaning of personal pride and family with such genuineness and truth. There aren’t any overly emotional moments that scream look how good of actors we are, but instead the movie feels grounded in the reality of connections.

Highly recommend


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